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About us


Saint Nicholas Sanctuary is part of the Aquarian Catholic Spiritual Community and broader Independent Sacramental Movement. We are a fully inclusive church and welcome all of God's children to all of our churches services. We are not Roman Catholic nor are we affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church in any way. We are a group of esoteric sacramental Christians whose Clergy hold valid lines of Apostolic Succession and who come together to explore all that the Christian faith has to offer. We focus on the more mystical side of Christianity also known as the esoteric side of the Christian faith. We do hold Holy Mass and administer all seven of the traditional Catholic sacraments.


Our goal at the Saint Nicholas Sanctuary is to foster a sense of Divine unity. We are all God's children and thus we strive to embrace all who earnestly seek after God. We fully invite everyone to join us for any of our services of which we have several. For more information on the Aquarian Catholic Spiritual Community or if you are interested in our vocations program please visit the ACSC website at




A Liberal Catholic Act of Faith

We believe that God is Love and Power and Truth and Light; that perfect justice rules the world; that all shall one day reach perfection, whatever path they choose to follow. We hold the Father-Motherhood of God, the fellowship of humanity; we know that we do serve God best when we act with the fullness of our understanding. So shall God’s blessing rest on us + and peace for evermore. Amen.






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